Clothing. Confidence. Inclusion.

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  Our Work

My New Red Shoes strives to improve the self-esteem, educational experience and quality of life of homeless and low-income children and youth in communities experiencing poverty.

By providing new, well-fitting shoes and clothing to students in-need at the start of their school year, MNRS helps to improve school attendance, inclusion, and the self-esteem and confidence of our community's vulnerable children and youth.

Through our unique combination of community partnerships and support service, we are working to support strong, inclusive and compassionate communities for all children.


Since 2006, we have provided more than 65,000 homeless and low-income children in the SF Bay Area and Greater Portland with new shoes, new clothing, and a positive start to their school year.


Many times, we encounter students who share that they do not go to school because they do not have clothing to wear or because they are bullied over repetition of outfits.
— Gilroy Unified School District