Kelly Reck, Board Member, currently serves as the Creative Director for SF Goodwill. With a background in creative and business development, Kelly has leveraged her 10+ years of experience to help elevate the Goodwill brand to help MORE people overcome challenges, build skills, find jobs, and access what they need. 

As a self-proclaimed, “jill of all trades”, what we love about Kelly is her rich and diverse industry background. Before stepping into the non-profit world, Kelly spearheaded strategy and execution at a $3B global investment firm, chiefly for its evidence-based health and wellness companies. Kelly’s true passion is diving into the unknown, working with super smart people on big problems that need even bigger solutions.

Outside what can be found on Kelly’s resume, Kelly is a champion for positive change. From political canvassing to volunteering with her community’s education board, Kelly can’t help but be who she is wherever she goes. As a Member of our Board, Kelly vows to learn from the work and impact that’s already been created, listen to the needs of the population we serve, and bring every ounce of her experience to help elevate our mission.

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